Me and my husband have been enthusiastic about the English Bulldog since we were kids. After numerous exchanges of ideas with expert dog breeders, we decided – besides family planning - that our little son should grow up together with an English Bulldog. Therefore we visited an infinite number of dog exhibitions and breeders from around the world. Sometimes we were quite frustrated since we asked ourselves: is this breed still a dog or not? The agility of many bulldogs leaves much to be desired due to their heavy weight and muscular body. Some of the dogs could hardly reach the ring. But we didn't give up and kept on looking until we found the right place. Fortunately there are also a few breeders who focus on their dogs' health and agility. And the wonderful story began… Enjoy flipping through our online pages.


Our Dogs are full health tested: HD, ED, PL, OCD, trachea and heart!